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Aesthetix Lab in Southern California
Aesthetix Lab in Southern California
Aesthetix Lab in Southern California
Aesthetix Lab in Southern California

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Aesthetix LAB is not just another Medspa but THE destination for next level beauty! Let’s start with the word LAB. It stands for Luxury Aesthetics by Bonakdar. The renowned Newport Beach aesthetics guru, Dr. Monica Bonakdar, had grand goals when she created Aesthetix LAB. She curated a team of expert providers with at least five years of experience and rigorously trained them in The Bonakdar Method to deliver remarkable results. 

Aesthetix Lab philosophy is about embracing what’s possible in the hands of talented providers guided by the expertise of Dr. Bonakdar. It’s about aging backward and enhancing your beauty potential with advanced treatment plans custom designed for you. Let everyone wonder if you were naturally born with superior genes or if you are LAB formulated!

Esteemed Excellence

Aesthetix Lab Founder & Medical Director, Dr. Monica Bonakdar

Dr. Monica Bonakdar takes an all-in approach to helping patients achieve the kind of glow that basically requires no-filter posts. While looks are superficial, Dr. Bonakdar’s method is anything but surface-level. For decades, Dr. Bonakdar has demonstrated next-level understanding of skin health and extreme patient empathy, establishing her as an industry authority and all-around boss. 

Following academic success at some of the state’s most prestigious universities (Go Bruins!), the SoCal native returned to Orange County to open her private practice. Bonakdar Aesthetics brought a brand new take on cosmetic dermatology, breaking down the complexities of individualized skin care into a tried, true, and tested method that allows every patient to take their ideal look from “filter” to “irl”.

A dedicated proponent of innovations in aesthetic technologies, Dr. Bonakdar serves as a key opinion leader in the Allergan Medical Institute faculty and the industry as a whole. She is passionate about operationalizing complex systems, extending her expertise so that others may master abstract concepts with confidence and precision.

Dr. Bonakdar has extended her expertise to help more patients receive aesthetic care as it should be. As founder and medical director of Aesthetix Lab, Dr. Bonakdar ensures that each patient’s experience meets her standards of excellence.

Dr. Monica Bonakdar at Aesthetix Lab

When It’s Real, You Know

The Aesthetix Lab Philosophy

At Aesthetix Lab, we believe that true beauty isn’t trendy, fleeting, or superficial. Your most vibrant and confident self begins at the cellular level. That’s why the services we provide work with your body to promote overall cellular health and authentic, lasting results.

Here, the health of your skin is our priority as we tailor each aspect of your treatment to your individual dermatological needs. With each treatment we perform, we bring decades of patient care expertise supported by groundbreaking non-surgical technologies to create your most enjoyable and advantageous experience. With injectables, laser and energy, medical skincare, and combination therapies, we are here to deliver precisely what your skin needs for a visibly healthy and luminously youthful appearance.